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Megan Graver, runner and physical therapist running a marathon



Hello and welcome to PMPT! I am the owner and sole provider here at PMPT.  I have been a physical therapist for 7 years, earning my DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) degree in 2015 from Ohio University.  After graduating, I did a 12 month residency program at University of Wisconsin in Madison specializing in orthopedics. While in residency, I completed my first marathon and have run a handful since then.

After completing my residency training, I moved to Columbus and took a staff PT position at The Ohio State University in their Sports Medicine department, earning my orthopedic clinical specialist (OCS) designation shortly after starting. During my 5 years at OSU, I served as a mentor and primary faculty member for the orthopedic residency program, became certified in dry needling and proficient in video running gait analysis.

In 2021, I left OSU to start PMPT! While this has been a major transition for me, I have been grateful for new opportunities that this change brought me. I see clients out of a small office in Westerville and will accommodate mobile PT visits upon request.  I live in the Harrison West area with my dog, Wally, who occasionally accompanies me to the clinic. I enjoy hiking, biking, running and exploring near and far.




Our mission is to provide practical advice and high-value healthcare to promote intentional movement as a strategy to empower our patients to build the best version of themselves without getting stuck in the pitfalls of the medical system.

Our vision is to become a leading provider and resource for the Columbus fitness community, including athletes of all ages and abilities.

Finding the best treatment strategy first involves figuring out what makes you tick, both literally and figuratively.  We need to know the impact that your external environment is having on your body's ability to maintain homeostasis, or a stable internal environment.  Examples of external environmental impacts include:

-Chronic stress from school or work

-Training loads that exceed the current ability of your muscles, joints, and tendons

-Underloading your muscles, joints and tendons

-Poor sleep hygiene

-Faulty nutrition/fueling strategies

Our philosophy typically leads us to (1) calm down the nervous system via manual therapy techniques and modifying external environmental factors and (2) build up your body's resiliency to future fluctuations in external factors in order make you less likely to sustain an injury in the future.

At Perpetual Motion Physical Therapy, we are out of network with all insurance providers.  We strive to reduce over-medicalization and put our time and energy into helping the client, not the insurance companies.  Want to learn more about how PMPT can benefit you? Schedule a free consultation with us!



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